Couture Fashion Week

With the buzz of couture fashion week starting off on the 24th, we could help but have a nose at what was going on with the hair trends. This time our eyes were on who attended the events rather than the models, We took a look through one of Vouge’s street style galleries (here) and we are super inspired by the natural lived in look. It seems that ultra smooth, big bouncy blow outs really have taken a back burner as natural tasseled balayage’s are still on the rise with fashions elite. Even Crops and pixie cuts are taking a more subtle feathery and wearable approach. In 2016 it looks like its the year hair takes a relaxed and healthy break, whilst in fashion prints and textures take a leap forward.  We are also happy to see the return of the beret (here) after the dominant trend of the Fedora in 2015.

To achieve this style we recommend putting the straighteners and ceramic vent brushes away. Bristle brushes and large barrel tongs are your new best friends. Don’t neglect decent home care either, regular hair treatments and trims will keep your natural tasseled locks thick shiny and healthy. To add texture we recommend Davines texture spay for loose natural locks (here).

What do you think of the trends? Do you think you can give up your straighteners?

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There’s a brand new dance

After hearing the news of the passing of David Bowie this Monday we were all very saddened. Bowie managed to rock our socks off with five wonderful decade’s of truly original music, but what stood out most for us was his unique ability to constantly reinvent himself and to bring a awesome sense of fun and excitement with it. Music reviewer Brad Filicky wrote that over five decades, Bowie was “a musical chameleon, changing and dictating trends as much as he has altered his style to fit, influencing fashion and pop culture.” We couldn’t agree more, he was a true pin up boy for invention, experimentation and change.

After seeing feeds filled with memorial tweets and pictures over our social media platforms one GIF really took our interest.

It was designed by a UK artist Called Helen Green, who actually designed it for Bowie’s 68th birthday and called it ‘Time May Change Me’. It shows Bowies ever changing appearance and style. We love that you can see his ever changing hair evolution. David Bowie was a true and unique artist and we think it’s the perfect representation of who he was.

david bowie gif


We at Level One found our attentions captured by this wonderful video. We absolutely love the alchemy vibe, and really captures the essence of what Davines is all about. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Love Level One

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