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        So we being a generous lot at Level One thought we’d take the stress out of your summer hair care, and share with you our favorites for 2015. Its easy to think that minimal hair care in the summer months means sun kisses beachy waves, we do agree with the less […]


Hello readers, I hope your having a exciting month so far. With the breaking of summer lots of exciting things have been happening at Level One Hair Salon and we thought we would share a few. First off we were excited to have a very special guest walk through our doors. We invited Helina, aka […]

Waves, Braids and Festival Days

With social media being littered with festival selfies and Coachella coverage, Level One is bursting with inspiration for the festival season. Here are the three biggest festival trends we could not get enough of; Kate Bosworthy braids (see what I did there….) Braids again were huge this year, and to be honest we are not […]